Denmark: ground motion now being monitored using Copernicus satellites and TRE-A technology

InSAR measurements over Denmark

The Danish Agency for Data Supply and Efficiency (SDFE), part of the Danish Ministry of Energy, Utilities and Climate, has appointed TRE ALTAMIRA to process all Sentinel-1 A/B images collected over Denmark, along both ascending and descending orbits of the satellites, using SqueeSAR® technology. This is done as part of SDFE's work towards setting up…

InSAR nationwide monitoring: the Italian case

InSAR Monitoring over Italy

TRE ALTAMIRA together with E-geos have processed thousands of SAR images to cover the entire Italian territory within the framework of the PST project (Piano Straordinario di Telerilevamento), which went live in 2008, years prior to the launch of Sentinel-1 satellites. The PST results are now presented in the article: “Analysis of surface deformations over…

Long-term satellite study over the London basin

Snapshot from London InSAR motion map

We have recently explored the use of large-scale, multi-temporal and multi-sensor imagery over the London basin, an area about 250 km-long, starting from 1992 up to date. This project was established as scope of an internship between the Imperial College London and TRE ALTAMIRA. By combining over 500 radar images from different satellites (i.e. ERS,…

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