Rocscience 3D Slope Stability Programs now
integrated with our Satellite InSAR Data

insar modelling rocscience

Rocscience and TRE ALTAMIRA join forces to bring satellite InSAR displacement data together with 3D slope stability modelling in Slide3 and RS3 programs. Incorporation of displacement data into Rocscience's Slide3 and RS3 programs will be a simple matter of importing a shapefile which is exported from our databases of InSAR measurements obtained using SAR imagery.…

Land motion over UK mapped with unprecedented accuracy

UK InSAR motion map

TRE ALTAMIRA has processed more than 7,000 satellite radar images acquired over the UK since 2015 to generate a nation-wide database of displacement measurements with unprecedented accuracy. Our pioneering experience of national-scale processing dates back 10 years when we were involved in the processing of the entire European Space Agency radar satellite data archive acquired…

TREmaps® – a unique, renewed web-based platform by TRE ALTAMIRA

TREmaps5 image

Finding the best way to deliver, visualize and manage displacement information from radar satellites in a user-friendly environment has been a priority at TRE ALTAMIRA as well as a key requirement from our clients. Today, we are excited to release TREmaps® to the market: an old name for a totally renewed platform, accessible anywhere with…

The Hydrology Thematic Exploitation Platform

Change detection map of small water bodies in Costa Rica

We have generated new flood maps using SAR images in the framework of the Hydrology Thematic Exploitation Platform (TEP). The TEP for Hydrology is an ESA Portal providing large scale Earth Observation (EO) products and services customised for hydrological applications. TRE ALTAMIRA has developed an algorithm to obtain hydrological products (water mask, flood maps and…

A new integrated service by TRE ALTAMIRA and IDS Geo Radar

Schematic-Ground Based Radar + Satellite InSAR monitoring

TRE ALTAMIRA and IDS GeoRadar integrate the use of satellite and ground-based SAR to further improve safety monitoring over mines. IDS GeoRadar, the leading provider of slope monitoring radar systems (IBIS) worldwide, and TRE ALTAMIRA, the worldwide leader in ground monitoring services using satellite InSAR, are pleased to announce a new integrated monitoring service to…

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