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Rocscience 3D Slope Stability Programs now
integrated with our Satellite InSAR Data

Rocscience and TRE ALTAMIRA join forces to bring satellite InSAR displacement data together with 3D slope stability modelling in Slide3 and RS3 programs. Incorporation of displacement data into Rocscience’s Slide3 and RS3 programs will be a simple matter of importing ...
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Tailings and Mine Waste 2019

Join us on Wednesday, November 20th at Tailings and Mine Waste 2019 in Vancouver (BC, CA) to hear Dr. Giacomo Falorni’s presentation “InSAR as a Complementary Technology for Monitoring Programs of Tailings Storage Facilities and Waste Piles.” Learn how InSAR ...
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TRE ALTAMIRA at NZSOLD 2019 in Auckland

Join us in Auckland for our presentation on the role of InSAR for tailings dam safety. NZSOLD 2019, 9 – 11 October, Auckland (New Zealand). Resilient tailings dams have become increasingly apparent with the rise in catastrophic failures in recent ...
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