Project renewal: Tidong Hydro Power Plant

TRE Altamira is proud to renew its collaboration with Tidong Power Generation Pvt. Ltd. to provide InSAR monitoring services during the construction of the Tidong Hydro Power Plant (owned by Statkraft, the European largest renewable energy company) in India. The ...
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Ground motion monitoring of Italian regions

Ground motion monitoring of Italian regions to prevent and mitigate natural disasters and support urban development Since 2014, and the launch of the first ESA Copernicus’ Sentinel-1A radar, and later, Sentinel-1B, TRE Altamira has joined forces with the Civil Protection ...
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InSAR Data for Building Failure Analyses

A case study: the Hotel Collapse in Quanzhou Whenever we face a tragedy, we want to know as much as possible about it, could we have done anything to avoid it; what can we do to make sure nothing similar ...
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