InSAR Data for Building Failure Analyses

A case study: the Hotel Collapse in Quanzhou Whenever we face a tragedy, we want to know as much as possible about it, could we have done anything to avoid it; what can we do to make sure nothing similar ...
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TRE Altamira celebrates World Water Day

In water-stressed zones around the world, the unregulated or uncontrolled extraction of underground water can lead to the depletion of aquifers and generate subsidence of the ground surface. In urban areas this can also have a severe impact on buildings ...
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insar modelling rocscience

Rocscience 3D Slope Stability Programs now
integrated with our Satellite InSAR Data

Rocscience and TRE ALTAMIRA join forces to bring satellite InSAR displacement data together with 3D slope stability modelling in Slide3 and RS3 programs. Incorporation of displacement data into Rocscience’s Slide3 and RS3 programs will be a simple matter of importing ...
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