Monitoring provides you with regular updates of ground surface and single asset displacement

Monitoring diagram

Operational SAR satellites

Flexibility in our choice of any satellite platform for your project.

We task operational Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) satellite platforms to acquire images over your specific area of interest, worldwide. Based on project conditions, we can select the best satellite platform in terms of ground resolution, coverage and cost.

SAR satellites for monitoring programs

InSAR Monitoring

Providing ground surface motion maps and displacement time series of thousands of measurement points in near real-time.

According to your monitoring needs, we can guarantee deliveries of InSAR displacement data at different times, from quarterly up to weekly with a continuous monitoring programme, up to a country-wide scale.

Wide Area

Regional to national scales with Sentinel-1

Up-to-date displacement information is routinely provided to end-users and decision makers, using free access, timely Sentinel-1 data.

Wide area monitoring - UK"
Wide area monitoring - JAPAN"
Wide area monitoring - FRANCE"
Wide area monitoring - DENMARK"

Continuous Monitoring

Fast delivery of results with every new satellite acquisition to be part of your operational plan

Get actionable information on risky areas through the identification of hotspots showing a change in the dynamic of motion.

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Trend variation - TOSCANA


Early detection service

Available for mine site monitoring, this service provides actionable reports on trends and changes to the ground surface over an entire mine site, showing movement ranging from millimetres to metres.

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