Corner Reflectors

Optimize your monitoring projects with corner reflectors in low reflective areas

Corner reflectors diagram

Corner Reflectors (CRs)

CRs are available for your monitoring projects.

Corner reflectors (CRs) are ground-based objects that optimally reflect radar signals back to the satellite at specific locations. They are used to:

  • Acquire displacement measurements over areas that are covered by snow or densely vegetated
  • Monitor specific locations within your area of interest

CRs can also host a GPS antenna for easy integration with existing GPS networks.

Corner Reflector for InSAR monitoring
Corner Reflector-single or double geometry for InSAR monitoring

Proprietary single or double-geometry CRs

We have designed lightweight single and double-geometry CRs for use in challenging environments.

The reflectors are lightweight, not subject to corrosion and designed to prevent the accumulation of dust, debris and snow.
From the design to the installation, TRE ALTAMIRA is involved in all phases of projects with CRs. The layout of the CRs network is decided in close collaboration with the client.

Corner Reflector for InSAR monitoring
Corner Reflector for InSAR monitoring
Corner Reflector for InSAR monitoring
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