We tailor InSAR to your monitoring and management needs

Civil Engineering

Monitor infrastructures, settle subsidence claims, complement in-situ displacement measurements during design, construction and operation.

Our satellite analyses are used to determine unstable areas during site selection processes, to assess impact of construction activities on settlement while complementing conventional monitoring and to assess the stability of existing infrastructures, multiple assets or distributed networks.

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Measure deformation from millimetres to metres over all mining surfaces, structures and assets without the installation of any in-situ equipment.

We provide a synoptic view of the entire mine area eliminating the need for the installation of ground equipment. All assets can be monitored regularly and precisely for deformation in the range of millimetres to metres.

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Oil and Gas

Monitor ground motion, optimize production strategies, support reservoir management, facilitate HSE regulatory compliance.

We deliver precise measurements of ground displacement over producing reservoirs to optimize field operations, calibrate geo-mechanical models and monitor subsidence or uplift and their possible effects on surface facilities.

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Investigate and monitor geohazards over wide areas, assess the temporal evolution of a single geological phenomenon.

From historical analyses to a near-real time monitoring program over wide areas: timely displacement information is routinely provided to final users and decision makers helping to understand past events and prepare the future. We also offer different approaches to detect and monitor complex motion patterns related to a single area at risk.

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