Monitor ground motion, optimize production strategies, support reservoir management, facilitate HSE regulatory compliance

Reservoir monitoring

InSAR results enable you to monitor the evolution of ground elevation changes.

InSAR results, either as interferograms for a fast snapshot of reservoir deformation or SqueeSAR® as a measure of motion to millimetre accuracy, enable monitoring of ground elevation changes to:

  • Monitor differential motion and reservoir compartmentalisation
  • Detect fracture and fault systems
  • Calibrate reservoir models
  • Detect caprock integrity
  • Detect casing failures
  • Meet HSE regulatory requirements

EOR and heavy oil production

Rapid image acquisitions and fast delivery of results allow InSAR to be part of your operational plans.

Our InSAR maps show the evolution of surface displacement as a response to operations over the entire reservoir, as well as around injection and production wells to:

  • Assist in optimizing injection and production strategies
  • Detect steam chamber expansion and caprock integrity
  • Locate off-lease uplift related to fugitive injection of water, steam and CO2
  • Look for swept and unswept areas of the producing horizon
  • Detect injector casing failure
  • Validate results within and outside of tiltmeter and GPS networks


Underground gas storage

Monitor ground uplift and subsidence in response to injection and extraction cycles.

In both depleted natural gas reservoirs, now repurposed as gas storage assets, and solution mined storage caverns, our highly precise displacement measurements enable you to:

  • Optimize working gas, when coupled with injection and extraction rates
  • Fulfill regulatory cap rock integrity monitoring obligations
  • Estimate reservoir volume and pressure changes
  • Monitor possible impact on surface facilities
  • Calibrate reservoir model and salt cavern creep calculations
Graph of displacement vs volume changes in UGS

Offshore platform subsidence

InSAR provides absolute 2D measurements of platform subsidence.

Fixed offshore production rigs are clearly visible to satellite and can host many coherent point targets for subsidence monitoring with InSAR to unprecedented levels of precision. By using high resolution SAR imagery, we can provide:

  • 2D displacement measurements
  • Estimation of the platform tilt