Take advantage of this solution, rapidly visualizing millions of measurement points on an easy-to-use web interface

TREmaps diagram

Data visualization and analysis

TREmaps® is our web-based platform used to deliver, visualize and manage  your InSAR results.

You can visualize them in 2D and 3D and make any data analysis through time series (single and multiple) in combination with dynamic filtering and polygon analysis, cross-section analysis, and export your data in SHP, KML, GeoDB and CSV.

You can also use TREmaps® for data integration from different information sources.

Image from TREmaps

TREmaps® is:

  • Powered by Esri technology: an industry standard for the representation of geographic information
  • Secure: login credentials for each user
  • On Microsoft Azure: a cloud environment with high standards for data safety, security and network connections with minimal downtime

Watch our video tutorial

For a brief overview of TREmaps® and its main functionalities.