Investigate and monitor geohazards over wide areas, assess the temporal evolution of a single, at risk, location

Wide area monitoring

From historical analyses to near-real time monitoring programs at regional and national scales.

Timely displacement information over large areas is routinely provided to end users and decision makers using Sentinel-1 images coupled with SqueeSAR®. We also process different satellite imagery archives to reconstruct the temporal evolution of ground instabilities and delineate their boundaries.

  • Identify areas at risk
  • Update existing inventories of ground instabilities
  • Monitor geohazards (landslides, volcanoes, subsiding areas, seismic faults)
As part of a project for CNES (Centre National d'Études Spatiales), we have processed the entire archive of Sentinel-1 images over France métropolitaine from 18/11/2014 to 27/10/2017.

Emergency preparedness

We offer different approaches to detect and monitor complex motion patterns related to a single, at-risk area.

With our multi-temporal satellite studies, it is possible to detect and monitor a single, at-risk area, ranging in size from millimetres to metres, without the installation of any in-situ equipment.

  • Assess the temporal evolution of a geological criticality
  • Measure ground deformation resulting from a critical event
  • Assess residual risk after a critical event