Rocscience and TRE ALTAMIRA join forces to bring satellite InSAR displacement data together with 3D slope stability modelling in Slide3 and RS3 programs.

Incorporation of displacement data into Rocscience’s Slide3 and RS3 programs will be a simple matter of importing a shapefile which is exported from our databases of InSAR measurements obtained using SAR imagery. Geometric location and attribute data stored in the shapefile will be processed to create an interferometric map representative of the displacement captured by the satellite. Users will be able to overlay the map over their model in order to compare slope stability design with actual ground movement.

Silde3_InSAR data on a mine-imported
Satellite InSAR data on a mine imported into Rocscience’s Slide3 program.

This bringing together of predictive models and monitoring data offers geotechnical engineers a means of reconciling their 3D slope designs with actual ground deformation. One benefit of this amalgamation is the ability to perform advanced calibration and refinement of model input parameters, enabling higher reliability of numerical models. Another application is the reconciliation of models with radar data obtained during and after excavation in order to prevent instability from turning into an actual slope failure. This ability alone has tremendous significance for improvements in geohazard management.

The integration of Rocscience 3D programs with satellite InSAR data points the way to so-called “intelligent slope management” supporting interoperability between automatic data collection, data analysis, stability modeling, and interpretation of modeling results. Examples of this include automatic refinement of numerical models with live updates from deformation monitoring systems, and automatic identification of emerging risks as well as updates on known risks.

Join us in celebrating this partnership, which is a first-time collaboration between Rocscience and TRE ALTAMIRA and could very well be a first in the industry.

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