TRE ALTAMIRA has processed more than 7,000 satellite radar images acquired over the UK since 2015 to generate a nation-wide database of displacement measurements with unprecedented accuracy.

UK InSAR motion maps by TRE ALTAMIRA
Vertical (on the left) and horizontal east-west (on the right) InSAR motion maps of the UK. Satellite imagery: Sentinel-1 A/B, Jan/2016 – Dec/2017.

Our pioneering experience of national-scale processing dates back 10 years when we were involved in the processing of the entire European Space Agency radar satellite data archive acquired over Italy. Since then, TRE ALTAMIRA has processed more than 30,000 radar images covering over 1,000,000 km2.

Now, we have combined new satellites (Sentinel-1 A/B operated by ESA) with the latest computing power and processing algorithms, to produce a UK-wide map of ground stability. This national-scale product offers a view of the entire country while highlighting specific areas and assets that might warrant further inspection and surveillance.

Our InSAR database is available for UK users, covering the last two years of 2016 and 2017, and will continue to be updated regularly to provide the very latest information.

We have also combined different satellite acquisition geometries to deliver separate, easy-to-use vertical and horizontal (east-west) measurement layers, allowing straightforward interpretation and integration with other data. Measurements are provided on a 100 m x 100 m post-spacing, and given as velocity and time series, with quality parameters.

The production efficencies deployed in making the product means plummeting prices, and today we are proud to offer pre-processed InSAR data over the whole UK territory, at a fraction of the cost of usual InSAR analyses. You can have your InSAR data over a specific area of interest for as little as 2,000 €!

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