Finding the best way to deliver, visualize and manage displacement information from radar satellites in a user-friendly environment has been a priority at TRE ALTAMIRA as well as a key requirement from our clients.

Today, we are excited to release TREmaps® to the market: an old name for a totally renewed platform, accessible anywhere with an internet connection. It is secure and maintained on Microsoft Azure cloud.

It provides an improved user experience while continuing to offer all of the valuable features of our former platforms.

What is new?

You can:

  • have us sort, group and organize data layers in the table of contents to meet your organization’s preferences,
  • supply us with a number of different layers (e.g. optical images, arcGIS polygons and tracks, GPS data, railway lines etc.) to make the most of all the information you need,
  • visualize data in 2D and 3D,
  • export data in SHP, KML, GeoDB and CSV formats.

TREmaps® is powered by ESRI technology: a standard for the representation of geographic information.


Ready to get started?

Contact our sales teams for more information on the platform.

You can also be interested to visit our TREmaps® solution page here.