CONTECO Check and TRE ALTAMIRA have partnered to offer a suite of solutions to monitor construction projects.

Specifically, TRE ALTAMIRA’s satellite InSAR data will be integrated into CONTECO Check’s evaluation, monitoring and certification processes for new civil engineering/infrastructure projects.

The partnership agreement was signed by Alessandro Ferretti, CEO of TRE ALTAMIRA, and Alessandro Sudati, CEO of CONTECO Check.

“The success of new satellite technologies is related to their exploitation in different fields and applications, in addition to using a synergic approach with other traditional techniques. The certification process underutilizes satellite solutions, however, satellite radar data may provide key information through professional interpretation”, Alessandro Ferretti states.

“We have decided to collaborate with TRE ALTAMIRA because their services are based on an innovative technology combined with an advanced knowledge of its applications. When studying a new project in the design stage or monitoring it during construction, satellite radar data will enable us to improve our survey and accelerate any analysis of the project while ensuring even more reliability and safety”, Alessandro Sudati states.

The combination of CONTECO Check’s unique methodologies and TRE ALTAMIRA’s advanced satellite technology puts forth an enhanced solution, which will support project quality during the design stage, strengthen risk management and mitigation during construction, and provide a deeper understanding of any existing structural settlements.

Since 1994, CONTECO Check is a totally independent third-party Inspection Body and is leader in the consulting activities as Client’s advisor in the control and certification of the design quality (Design Verification) and construction works (Works Supervision, Technical Control, Quality Control as second and third-party) in the building, infrastructural and industrial sectors.
CONTECO boasts over 40 billion euros of verified and controlled works in Italy and abroad, having obtained the trust of the most representative General Contractors and Real Estate Development Companies, as well as the recognition of the leading Insurance Companies and of the most important Credit Institutes and Asset Management Companies. To learn more:

With over 18 years’ experience, TRE ALTAMIRA is globally recognized as the world leader in measuring ground motion with millimetric precision, now as part of the CLS Group company.
TRE ALTAMIRA provides displacement measurements and mapping solutions from satellite radar data that are used in a variety of sectors, including civil engineering, mining, oil & gas and geohazards, and enable clients to understand how their areas of interest are changing over time to mitigate risks, optimize operations and plan future activities.