Qualitative comparisons of InSAR surface deformation over a SAGD reservoir in Alberta – a case study.geoconvention 2018 banner

Devon Energy will be speaking about their experience with TRE ALTAMIRA’s InSAR heave monitoring analyses at GeoConvention 2018 in Calgary on May 9th.

The presentation will share comparisons of InSAR surface heave measurements with time-lapse seismic and production data from their Jackfish SAGD oil field in northern Alberta.

Join them at GeoConvention to hear their presentation on Wednesday, May 9th at 11 am:

11:00 – 11:25 “Qualitative Comparisons of Surface Deformation over a SAGD Reservoir in Alberta“, Dennis Ellison, Glenn Larson.
Session: Oil Sands and Integrated Oil Sands Case Studies I (morning program available here)
Room: Glen 201 – 204

You can also download an abstract of their presentation here.