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We are very excited to be part of the program at the First International Conference on Mining Geomechanical Risk (MGR) in Perth.

Jessica Morgan will be speaking Tuesday, April 9 at 1:45 pm about InSAR tools for Risk Assessment over Mine Assets. We invite you to join us during the Technical Sessions for our Presentation to learn more about InSAR technology.

An accurate and regularly updated overview of surface movement over mining operations is critical as part of an ongoing risk assessment program. By having a complete picture of ground stability, movement patterns representing potential geotechnical hazards to safety and mine operations can be identified and tracked over time. From routine monitoring to high-frequency updates, InSAR technology is increasingly being used to identify a wide range of movement patterns which may be of concern to mine operators and geotechnical engineers. Recent advances in radar image processing algorithms, combined with an increase in the number of satellite systems launched into orbit, have resulted in improvements in the ability of this technology to capture complex and rapid displacement.

Please visit us at booth #2 for more information.