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Tunneling and civil engineering groundwork activities are constantly increasing due to urban development. Ground excavation activities, especially in highly urbanized areas, can lead to potential geohazards due to ground settlement associated with tunneling activities.
InSAR data is crucial to help assist in determining the extent and origin of ground instability, as well as monitor the surface-level impact of groundwork along the alignment and in the surrounding areas.
Satellite data provides useful information on 1) ground settlement trends prior to operations; 2) surface movement during tunneling operations - to assess the correlation between tunneling and surface displacement; and 3) post-excavation stability - to detect possible residual subsidence that might impact infrastructure.

Snapshot from London InSAR motion map
Detail of the London Crossrail (UK). InSAR monitoring analysis shows ground deformation along the alignment between May 2011 and April 2017.
Includes material ©DLR e.V. 2011-2017 and ©Airbus Defence and Space 2017 all rights reserved.

Spatially dense and precise results

spatially dense and precise resultsThanks to its millimetric precision and high density of measurement points, InSAR is also used to complement and calibrate real-time in-situ surveillance such as levelling, inclinometers, etc.

Non-invasive and scalable technique

non-invasive scalabilityCompletely remote, satellite InSAR is unrivaled in its ability to obtain displacement measurements over large or small areas.


cost effectiveInSAR is the only ground monitoring technique providing highly dense measurements at a fraction of the cost of other survey techniques.

Historical data

historical dataSatellite data archives extend back to 1992 and can be processed to assess historical settlement trends.

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