Grand Paris Express

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Gran Paris map

The Grand Paris Express, with 200 km of underground metro lines, is the largest transport project worldwide to use satellite InSAR for monitoring the surface impact of this extraordinary urban development project in Paris.

  • 68 new stations
  • 200 km of underground metro lines

The Société du Grand Paris has appointed TRE ALTAMIRA to monitor the impact of tunneling operations on existing buildings and surface structures along the track and adjacent areas – 1km-buffer zone centred on the network route – using InSAR.

Grand Paris express InSAR surveillance
Eastern section of Line 15 of the Grand Paris Express: baseline InSAR analysis back to 1992 before work began in mid-June 2016.

We have been providing InSAR surveillance at all stages of the Gran Paris Express project:

  • Historical analysis to complement existing geotechnical information and to settle subsidence claims
  • Monitoring during works to assess the magnitude of surface motion and its real distribution
  • Post-construction monitoring to scale back in-situ measurements

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