Measure deformation from millimetres to metres over all mining surfaces, structures and assets without the installation of any in-situ equipment

Ground motion control

Get actionable reports on trends and changes to the ground surface ranging from millimetres to metres.

Intuitive colour-coded deformation maps highlight areas where changes in trend are occurring with respect to previous situations, providing magnitude and areas of deformation at a glance over the entire mine site.

  • Benefit from a quick visualization of deformation trends
  • Seamlessly import our maps into your visualization software
  • Require tailored reporting programme (from every few days to annual)
  • Exploit archives back to 1992 to enhance geotechnical back analysis

Solutions for pit monitoring

Our InSAR mapping service complements in situ instrumentation, providing an overview of slope movements.

Open pit operations poses many several challenges in terms of safety critical monitoring.

  • Investigate slope movements on a weekly basis, exploiting InSAR mm-sensitivity, even when precursors are not visible to local alarming facilities
  • Easily integrate InSAR data with other geodetic measurements in major monitoring platforms

Tailings dam stability

Use InSAR to monitor small to very vast dams without the need of any visit or installation.

Tailings dam failures cause major detriment to mine productivity. Surface deformation and unattended fractures are common precursors for such harmful events.

  • Request frequent updates on the consolidation level and eventual horizontal slips
  • Benefit from our remote measurements when access is limited for conventional surveying techniques

Underground - Block caving subsidence mapping

Frequent InSAR updates are delivered to surveyors for optimal integration and geotechnical teams for subsurface modelling.

Block caving operations pose serious challenges when dealing with surface displacement monitoring. As heavy subsidence is expected also for deep operations, its impact on existing infrastructures is paradigm to assure service continuity.

  • Analyse complex subsidence patterns with InSAR (up to hundreds of measurement points per km2)
  • Rely on millimetre-precision vertical displacement measurements