TRE Altamira is at TOGC 2022
to present InSAR for monitoring ground displacement
for the oil and gas transportation sector

With increased intensity of geo hazards and widespread urbanization of natural environments, the monitoring and protection of infrastructure and assets has become highly important for management in the oil and gas transportation industry.

The capability of SAR satellites to acquire information at any time of the day or night, and regardless of weather conditions, has made InSAR satellite remote sensing one of the most reliable and advanced technologies for monitoring long, linear infrastructures for the oil and gas sector.

InSAR measurement points of ground displacement over a pipeline alignment.

By adopting InSAR technology, oil and gas companies, pipeline operators and owners, and EPC contractors, can receive frequent, high resolution ground displacement data, to have an aerial view of the pipeline and its surrounding landscape and better assess risk and mitigation strategies.

Risk assessment

Risk assessmentThe timeliness and accuracy of InSAR measurements helps pipeline owners and operators in assessing risk, and supports in decision-making processes.

Predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenanceInSAR enhances surveillance and predictive maintenance by regularly monitoring dynamic changes along the alignment.

Millimetric precision measurements

Millimetric precision measurementsInSAR provides measurements with millimetric precision, and is one of the most reliable and innovative technologies for measuring ground movement over oil and gas transportation infrastructure.

Visualization platform

Visualization platformOur InSAR results can be visualized and analyzed through TREmaps®, our web-platform, and can also be integrated with traditional surveying methods.

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