From satellite radar data to actionable InSAR solutions


Ground surface motion maps and displacement time series of thousands of measurement points in near real-time.

We task operational SAR satellites to acquire images over your specific area of interest worldwide. You can rely on our monitoring InSAR service to get both wide-area and single asset displacement measurements at regular intervals.

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Optimize your monitoring projects with artificial reflectors in low reflective areas.

Artificial reflectors (ARs) are ground-based artifacts that optimally reflect radar signals back to the satellite at specific locations and are used to detect displacement in areas covered by snow or densely vegetated.

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Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) satellites have been imaging the Earth since 1992.

Archived SAR imagery is processed to measure retrospective displacement. It enables you to understand the response to ground instabilities and active working, and provides data for the evaluation of risk models.

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Take advantage of this solution, rapidly visualizing millions of measurement points on an easy-to-use interface.

TREmaps™ is our web-based platform used to deliver, visualize and manage your InSAR results. You can visualize them in 2D and 3D and make any data analysis. You can also exploit TREmaps™ for data integration from different information sources.

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We make InSAR simple for you offering full client support for the interpretation and integration of your InSAR results.

We easely integrate with ArcGIS for data layering and analysis. We work together with clients to combine satellite InSAR with other surveying techniques such as GPS and levelling.

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