Satellite monitoring is used to assess structural health and detect areas at risk.

Infrastructure, such as railways, roads, bridges and dams, production assets, such as wind turbines and power plants in general, often span large, complex environments.

The risk of interruption to activities due to natural disasters or structural weaknesses requires new technological solutions that are able to monitor risk over vast, diverse areas. The challenge for managers is to optimise monitoring activity and ensure the safety of the existing infrastructure and production assets, which might be at risk.

Non-invasive InSAR technology offers clear cost-benefits by providing ongoing, precise measurements of displacement for both the asset and the surrounding area to mitigate long-term threats. The frequency of monitoring is tailored to clients’ needs.

Asses risk

We monitor land movements along entire alignements, highlighting hotspots where changes in motion trends occur.

Assess risk

Prioritise maintenance

We highlight areas exposed to hazard to narrow down parts of the alignement that may require further investigation or remediation.

Prioritise maintenance


spatially dense and precise results
Spatially dense and precise results

Measurement point density can exceed 10,000 points/km2. Movement precision is typically around 1 mm/year.

non-invasive scalability
Non-invasive scalability

Completely remote, satellite InSAR is unrivalled in its ability to obtain displacement measurements over large or small areas.

fast delivery
Fast delivery

Repeated satellite image acquisition and rapid delivery of results allow our InSAR service to be part of your operational plan.

cost effective

No other technology provides such dense measurements at a fraction of the cost of other survey techniques.

historical data
Historical data

Satellite data archives extend back to 1992 and can be processed to assess past movement trends.

View a sample displacement map over the Beijing airport
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