TRE Altamira is at ICOLD CIBG 2022
to present InSAR for dam monitoring

Ground instability and geohazards are recognized as the most common and damaging threats to dam integrity in alpine environments. Consequently, the monitoring of dam structures and the surrounding environment is extremely important for risk mitigation and dam safety.
With the ability to acquire information at any time of the day or night, and regardless of weather conditions, SAR satellites have proven to be one of the most reliable and innovative technologies for ground monitoring.
By adopting InSAR, geotechnical engineers and dam operators receive frequent, high-resolution ground displacement data that enables the assessment of potential slope failures.

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Measuring ground movement with millimetric precision

Millimetric precision measurementsInSAR provides measurements with millimetric precision of ground motion, typically around 1 mm/year.

Non-invasive and scalable technique

Predictive maintenanceCompletely remote, satellite InSAR is unrivaled in its ability to obtain displacement measurements over large or small areas.

Weekly ground displacement updates

First deliveryThanks to a new generation of satellites it is possible to receive images every 6/10 days, and the updated InSAR results are delivered after 48 hours.

Visualization platform

Visualization platformOur InSAR results can be easily visualized and analyzed through our web-based platform TREmaps®, and can also be integrated with traditional surveying methods.

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Dam and reservoir monitoring with InSAR technology

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