TRE Altamira is at Geo Business 2021
to present InSAR for monitoring ground displacement

InSAR is one of the most reliable and innovative technologies for measuring ground displacement using satellite radar data. Thanks to SqueeSAR®, our advanced InSAR algorithm, we can measure ground movement for many industry applications such as pipelines, roads and railways, tunneling, and geohazards. The millimetric precision of ground displacement measurements over these assets can help project managers in assessing risk, and support decision-making processes. Our InSAR results can be easily visualized and analyzed through our web-platform TREmaps®, and can also be integrated with traditional surveying methods.

Our experienced and multilingual team of InSAR experts are available to answer your questions.
Feel free to contact us anytime to ask for a consultation.

Renalt Capes
InSAR Application Consultant

Tel: +44(0)7867 489850

Francesco Meloni
Business Development

Tel: +39 342 087 6992

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Thank you for visiting us at Geo Business 2021 and for your interest in InSAR for monitoring ground and structural movements.